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   Welcome to Thermopompes N & R Sol Inc web site. We are located on the southshore of Montreal, Quebec. We have been operating in the heating air conditionning business for more than 25 years. We offer a complete range of heating air conditionning products such as: heat pump, split air conditionners, spli air heat pumps, central air conditionners and furnaces. We service the entire area of Montreal.

Why a heat pump? Because a heat pump in Montreal and in the province of Quebec permits you to save money and energy. In the Montreal area we have the proper climate to use a heat pump. Your heat pump will cool your home during the summer season. A heat pump permits you to save money and energy because it can produce the equivalent of 3 KW of heating for the cost in use of 1 KW. In comparision, an electric furnace will cost you 1 KW for 1 KW of heating energy. Your heat pump will give you the privilege of obtaining the DT rate from Hydro Quebec. Hydro-Quebec offers a 38% reduction on the cost per KW when your heat pump is functionning. Hydro Quebec knows that a heat pump allows to save energy. Energy that they can in return sell at a high exportation price. Following the installation of your heat pump, Hydro Quebec will install you a special electricity meter, so your heat pump will provide you with immediate savings.

In Montreal the heating season last for several months, it is the heat pump that heats up to approximately -12 degrees celsius. At this temperature, it is the furnace that takes over. So imagine if you are presently heating with oil, and this without a heat pump? Calculate the number of days that your furnace was functionning above -12 degrees celcius? Do you enjoy enriching the oil industry? Following the installation of your heat pump you will notice a minimal reduction of 50% of your oil consumption for your heating needs. Your heat pump will be equiped with an electronic control box assuring the permutation between your heat pump and your furnace aiming to maximise the efficiency of your heating system.

Your heat pump will cool your home during the summer season. You then benefit from central air conditionning thanks to your heat pump. Comfort, energy savings, saving money... we surely have a heat pump model that suits your budget.


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